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AproposGirl Bag Hangers

The AproposGirl bag hanger is also a bag charm!

In a restaurant or a café there is no place to put your purse. Put it on the floor? No. So what do you do? You put your handbag on your feet and move those no more. With this bag hanger gadget totally girly, no more hassle!

In addition, this lifelike confectionary is sure to impress the people around you every time you put it on the table. It attracts sympathy, makes people smile, makes you live a moment of happiness. Never a 0 calory sweet will have had that much effect.

Even when it is not in use, it will continue having an effect as a bag charm. And no need to spelunk to find it in your handbag.

Hand made in France
Diameter: approx. 4 cm
Anti slip
Supports up to 5 kg

Not edible

Shipment by mail


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