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Miniature Houses of Provence

Discover the charm of authentic Provencal villages through these miniatures. Old stones, cracks, mismatched tiles and shutters in their typical colours are rendered most faithfully. Made from photographs, these miniature houses are hand painted and protected with a varnish. In Provence, it allows fans of Christmas cradles to build villages in the background and so give an impression of perspective. Of course, all models are fully created, manufactured and painted at our workshop near Aix-en-Provence.

Their size (1/200) is near the Z and N scales, well known by model train enthusiasts. 46 models are currently available.

Shipment by mail at current prices of the post.

Miniature Houses

Miniature houses of Provence, single price 7.00 €/piece... More...

Silvacane Abbey

Miniature Silvacane Abbey 16 €
Faithful replica (1/200) of the Silvacane Abbey at La Roque d'Anthéron... More...

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